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Our privacy is important to us, and we imagine that you feel the same way. Merely by signing up with Gradfinder, you are not giving permission to have your personal information sold or distributed in any way (however, remember that Gradfinder is a public directory and other members can see whatever information you choose to make public). We have also taken measures to make it difficult for outside parties to unscrupulously collect information through Gradfinder, including keeping your email address hidden by default (other members can still contact you through the site).

Aside from displaying your information to fellow grads, we also use it to help target the advertisements you see on the site (occasionally advertisers wish to limit their reach to people living in a specific region, people of a specific gender, and so on). This is done without divulging any personal information whatsoever. The total member base is divided into smaller groups so that each member in a given sub-group sees the most appropriate advertisements.

For example, if we receive a request that a certain advertisement be shown only to people who live in California, then our system will check to see whether a member is from California before displaying the ad. But it doesn't need to know anything else about that member, and the outside advertiser only knows that we are showing the ad to people in California, not who in California we are showing it to.

Furthermore, we have relationships with third-party advertising companies. These third party companies, with your express permission only, may use the information that you provide here to deliver to you email messages and ads about goods and services of interest to you.

If at any time you wish to be removed from our site you can be. See our help file on removal information

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