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Some things to note before you upload your picture:
  • Your picture must be under 400,000 bytes in size.
  • Your picture should be no wider than 800 pixels.
  • Your picture should not be pornographic in nature.
  • Pictures not meeting the above requirements will be deleted.
  • If you do not see a browse button to the right of the input box below, your browser does not support this upload feature. Please upgrade your browser. Netscape 4.x (or greater) and Internet Explorer 4.0 (or greater) support this feature.
  • Use this feature to change your existing picture if you have one already on Gradfinder.

Step 1 Click Browse to select your photo from your computer

Step 2 After you have selected your photo click the button below.
Note: Uploading your photo may take 1-10 minutes depending on your connection and how large the image file is.

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